MISPL will provide Security & Surveillance system for the specific needs of our customers will design, deliver, Install and create a suitable home care system with the latest IP surveillance technologies. It can be easily done by users to set up a functional surveillance system, with IP technology, enhance more security level to “Real-Time” monitoring and response than traditional CCTV system. Also we cedar into Bio metric access control System, smoke detectors, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm Systems etc.

IP Video Surveillance Solutions Brief (CCTV):

Just brief on security surveillance and looking to install at your location, to take decisions whether you have to go with an IP or analog camera. The main difference between the two camera types is the way in which the video signal is delivered. Analog cameras turn the images into a composite video signal that can be received by a television/monitor or recorded on a DVR. An IP-based camera, also known as an IP network camera, digitizes the video signal using a specialized encoder that contains an onboard web server. This allows the IP camera to act as a network device, thus allowing captured video images to be viewed not only through an existing network but also through a web browser that can be accessed through the Internet, which can be configured through VMS software. IP cameras are recorded on a NVR which is attached to the network.Both analog and IP-based video cameras can transmit signals either wirelessly or through wired connections such as Cat-5/6 cables. IP-based cameras have the added advantage of being able to use switches, routers, or even the internet to allow the network to be expanded to far-reaching locations.

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